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According to the U.S. government's 2010 Census data and projections, one out of eight Americans - over 40 million people - is 65 years of age or older. This number is expected to more than double during the next four decades. The growth of this population affects many aspects of our society, challenging families, businesses, health care providers, and policy makers, among others, to meet the needs of aging individuals.

LPF Mediation serves families faced with the challenge of handling stress and change of circumstances as loved ones age. Among eldercare issues that may be resolved through mediation are conflicts over living arrangements, caregiving, financial planning, inheritance/estate matters, medical decisions, family communication, driving and other safety concerns, and disagreements about legal instruments such as power of attorney, health care proxy and guardianship.

Often it seems impossible for family members to come together to make necessary decisions on a timely basis. Family communication may be strained or have ceased entirely, leaving an elder without a reliable support system.

At LPF Mediation, we tailor our elder mediation services to best address a family’s needs for resolving conflict. The following situations are just some examples in which a mediated family meeting can lead to workable solutions:

  • Adult siblings have issues to resolve among themselves regarding their individual roles and responsibilities in caring for their parents;

  • Adult siblings and their parents together need to make difficult decisions about issues of mutual concern. In these instances, the mediation process can include professional advisors and/or caregivers in addition to the elders and interested family members;

  • Parents who are concerned about family harmony and communication wish to share important future planning decisions with their adult children and need the help of a neutral third party to facilitate a family meeting.

LPF Mediation is also available to work with other professionals such as elder law attorneys, geriatric care managers and financial advisors who may need assistance to resolve conflict among clients’ family members.

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